Closed Loop Payment System

 A closed loop payment system is a type of electronic payment system that operates within a self-contained network. In other words, these systems are designed to handle transactions between a limited number of merchants and customers, who typically use a specific brand of credit card, debit card, or mobile payment app. Unlike open loop payment systems like Visa and Mastercard, closed loop systems can only be used within a specific ecosystem. For example, a gift card from a particular store or restaurant can only be used at that specific location, while a loyalty program that gives discounts or rewards for frequent purchases might require the use of a specific mobile app or credit card.
 One common advantage of clos ed loop payment systems is that they can offer more targeted marketing and loyalty programs , since merchants have more control over the data and rewards they offer to their customers. However, consumers may also face restrictions on where they can use their cards or points, and it can be more difficult to transfer funds or redeem rewards outside of the closed loop system.